Hey wheres my Stroller!!??

Obviously when you go to Disney you have to expect strollers, it comes with the territory. What most do not expect is that there is stroller parking in each “Land” or Area you visit, as to not clutter the attraction entrances. This area is monitored by a cast member, that means their sole job is to play musical strollers. When one stroller leaves they organize them so they can be all neat and lined up. I cannot tell you how many times we came out of an attraction and played a game I like to call “Dude, wheres our stroller?” It’s funny actually watching people panic and the thought that the $300 top of the line stroller was taken (my advice, go buy a cheap one at consignment for the trip).  We finally wised up to the stroller game and bought a balloon to add the the stroller for the week-there is extra Magic in Disney balloons they will go an entire week and not deflate!  So on your visit, put a bright tag or a balloon on your stroller so you don’t waste 5 minutes playing “Dude, wheres my stroller”

Jennifer Greene is a travel planner for Destinations to Explore and specializes in Disney vacations. It costs nothing extra to use a travel planner and you get lots of great perks. Free autograph books, coloring sheets, hidden Mickey hunts and more! To book your next magical vacation contact Jenn @ 410-452-5641 or Imagejenniferg@destinationsinflorida.com

Have a magical day!



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