The Disney Dining Plan–is it for your family?

Many guests inquire about the Dining Plan but not all guests purchase the plan.


I personally love the Disney Dining Plan–it’s one less thing I have to worry about while I am on vacation. And Disney Dining can be VERY expensive (have you looked up the cost for 1 character meal?). When you purchase the Dining Plan with your package you can save up to 30% on dining costs. The plan most people get is Basic Dining this includes 1 quick service, 1 table service and 1 snack per night per person, as well as a refillable resort mug for your stay (these mugs alone are $15). This is the plan that can get you the most bang for your buck for sure! The cost is 55.59 (ages 10 & up per night) and $17.16 (ages 3-9 per night).

I just went to Disney and I paid out of pocket since I was only there one day, here is what I spent on dining

Lunch at POP Century: (quick service meal)
Mediteranian Flatbread
Fountain Soda
Total with tax: $11.17

Dinner at Tonys Town Square in Magic Kingdom: (table service meal)
Shrimp Scampi $21.99
Coke $3.50 (yikes I know!)
Pistachio Creme Brulee $7.99
Total with tax and tip: $45

Lefeou’s Brew in New Fantasyland (snack credit)
Total with Tax: $6

Total for the day: $62.17!! Using the dining plan would have saved me $6.58. If that is your average daily cost (playing it safe) a family of 4 staying in Disney for 1 week will save almost $200 on the Dining Plan vs paying out of pocket.

Another Option is the Quick Service Dining Plan : 2 quick service meals, 1 snack and 1 refillable mug per guest. The cost is $37.58 per night ages 10 and up and $14.32 per night age 3 to 9. This plan is great for those that don’t want to do character meals or sit down dining and just eat when they please. Keep in mind that Disney Quick Service is amazing, you can be on this plan for a week and never eat a burger, pizza or hot dog (if you so choose)

And have you seen the snack list I compiled?? There are some expensive treats on there! You don’t want to pay out of pocket for all those goodies for the kids (and yourself). We almost always have snack credits leftover and head over to Goofy’s Candy Shop to get the kids goodies before we head home (did someone say souvenirs)

UniversalDisney 331

So next time you want to go to Disney think about the type of eaters in your family. The Dining Plan will almost always save you money!

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