Walt Disney World Resort Refurbishments–Updated 6/8/13


Disney is always evolving and moving ahead. Walt never wanted things to stay complacent, he always wanted the best for his parks. So every once in awhile we deal with park and resort refurbishments.

Here is the most up to date list from Disney:


Magic Kingdom® Park
Main Street Bakery
Big Thunder Mountain
Pirates of the Caribbean
Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
Liberty Belle Riverboat
Jungle Cruise
01/12/13 – 06/18/13
06/22/13 – 06/23/13
07/27/13 – 07/30/13
08/01/13 – 08/21/13
08/05/13 – 08/09/13
08/19/13 – 09/30/13


Fountainview Ice Cream Shop
Spaceship Earth
04/08/13 – Fall
08/18/13 – 08/24/13


Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow
American Idol
Muppet Vision 3D
06/03/13 – 06/06/13
06/10/13 – 06/12/13
08/06/13 – 09/02/13



Disney’s All Star Sports Resort
End Zone Food Court – transportation from the porte cochere will be provided to Disney’s All-Star Music Resort and Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort where Guests can dine at the Intermission Food Court or World Premier Food Court 07/31/13 – 12/26/13
Arcade – closed during this time frame as it will be used as a temporary Food Court with “Grab & Go” items 07/31/13 – 12/26/13

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