Run Disney they said, it will be fun they said…

In February 2014 I ran my very first Run Disney race, the Royal Family 5k. It was hot, and humid and 5am but I did it. I finished my first ever 5k. In 13 short days I will register for my FIRST EVER Half Marathon. Yeah, I know scary stuff. I was instantly sucked into the Run Disney environment when I ran last year. So I left Walt Disney World in February certain that I would do the Princess Half in 2015. It’s almost time to register and I am freaking out. Can I do it, will the sweepers get me, what about those balloon ladies? So much uncertainty and doubt when you are clearly “not a runner”. But I know I have a lot of cheerleaders in my corner including my pals Patty and Julie. I mean they definitely know my fears right now.

I begin training next month and I will FINISH that race! I do believe running is mind over matter, and I am determined to get that bling. Stay posted as I update my training and all the fun along the way until I cross that Finish Line in Epcot next February.

Goofy was proud of me and my 1st 5k!

Goofy was proud of me and my 1st 5k!

Do you Run? What are some tips and tricks for this VERY novice runner?

3 thoughts on “Run Disney they said, it will be fun they said…

  1. Get out and run 3 days a week. Don’t kill yourself trying to run every day. Find a group to run with so you will stay motivated and be held accountable. Drink water every day. Find the right shoes. Don’t start a training plan too early so you don’t get burned out. I’m sure I could come up with some other tips, but I will leave it at that. Oh, I almost forgot, Have Fun!! I will be doing the ToT 10-Miler this year and the 2015 WDW Marathon. They will be my first and second and probably last RunDinsey races. The cost is just too high.

    • I hear ya on the cost. I just really want my first race to be PHM. Since it was my first 5k as well. We have so many races in the mid-atlantic I would love to do some of those as well once PHM is behind me. I am going to Charm City Run to get fitted for the right shoes for sure. YAY for 10 miler and WDW Marathon. I may try Wine and Dine next fall, sounds fun. There needs to be some Harry Potter races over at Universal. 🙂

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