Throwback Thursday..way back to my childhood

I blame my parents for my love of Disney. They introduced me to the magic as a child, and my love never went away. It’s now a huge part of my career and my blog. I have passed on this fantastic and expensive hobby to my girls, hubby says I have to apologize to any future husbands (hey it could have been worse, right?)

Our first visit we loaded up the family truckster and hit the road, 16 hours from Maryland. I don’t remember the car ride, praise the lord for that! I remember we stayed off-site at the Disney Village. That was neat, I believe it’s now called Downtown Disney soon to be Disney Springs. This trip was also full of River Country fun, It makes me sad that its just rotting away. I hope they at least do something with the land. We returned to Disney a few years later but we flew this time and stayed in a Magic Kingdom View at the Poly. I have great memories from that trip, probably because I was a little older. For nostalgic reasons I want to stay at the Poly with my girls, because that’s where we stayed when I was a kid.


When was your first visit to Walt Disney World? Do you hold any nostalgic feelings about those visits? I would love to hear your memories!

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