My Journey to Princess Half Marathon

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I’m not a runner! With that said I have signed myself up for the Princess Half Marathon in February at Walt Disney World. WHAT! You aren’t a runner though, how could you possibly run/walk/crawl 13.1 miles? I tell ya how, motivation! Last year I became affiliated with 2 runner blogs, and booked lots and lots of rooms thanks to my friends Patty and Julie. Because I had so many clients going I felt that I needed to be there for that weekend last year to cheer them on. I figured I was at a Run Disney weekend I should do something, so I signed up for the 5k. Guess what I didn’t die! And it was tons of fun.

Me Not Dead with my 5k Medal

Me Not Dead with my 5k Medal

I left Princess Weekend last year with a challenge for myself, to come back in 2015 and run the Half. It’s a real girl power weekend. Lots of girlfriends and fun in Disney Parks and of course races. How could I not want to do it? Running is mind over matter. There are days I completely doubt my ability to finish 13.1 miles and other days I feel like a rock star. In 2 weeks I will run my 10k so I can submit my qualifier time for Princess Half, I really don’t want to start in the last Corral like not at all. I want to start far far away from anyone with balloons or on bikes.

In 2015 I will be surrounded by many of my “best running friends” cheering me on and I can’t wait. So here we go my first step to Princess Half a 10k in 2 weeks. Lord let me at least get to 12-13 minutes a mile!

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