Save the Children..because they don’t have a voice!

I am blessed to live in America and have a good job, healthcare and the ability to take care of my children even before they are born. I had two very easy pregnancies and equally easy deliveries, I am blessed to have 2 healthy girls ages 14 & 5. Not every Mother can say that.

Did you know that 40 million women give birth without any skilled help – that’s more than 100,000 women every day. Even more dramatically, 2 million women a year are entirely alone when giving birth! Can you imagine if there is an emergency with the Mother or Child or both! It seems unthinkable but it is happening all over the world. This is not what these mothers want for their children, but it’s the reality they are faced with everyday.


In 2000, world leaders adopted a series of ambitious goals–the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)–including commitments to cut poverty by half, get every child into school, and dramatically reduce child and maternal deaths by 2015. Today, millions fewer people live in extreme poverty than a generation ago, most children complete a primary education, hunger has been cut by over a third and there are 90 million people living today whose lives would have been cut short, had child mortality rates remained at 1990 levels, the baseline year for the goals.

Did you know that 18,000 children die each day from preventable causes and one million newborns die on their first day of life? Newborns now account for 4 out of 5 deaths of children under the age of five. Unless we urgently start to tackle newborn deaths, there is a real danger that progress in reducing child deaths could stall and we will fail in our ambition to be the generation that can end all preventable child deaths.

August 18, 2014 marked the 500 days left to meet MDG targets by showing the progress made in each country and also build a sense of urgency around the political action needed to meet MDG4 targets. We want 500 Days to be the starting point of our push at the UNGA meetings in September where we will highlight the urgent need for more trained and skilled health workers critical to saving newborns and mothers as well as the Race for Survival in October with its theme of the “hardest to reach” highlighting the tough living conditions many children face and the lack of access to quality care.

Did you know the world produces enough food to feed every man, woman & child yet 1 in 8 go to bed hungry every night? This is staggering to me! The amount of waste I see in America alone is disgusting, but it’s happening all over the world. This is someone’s reality everyday!

If you want to learn more about how you can help or make a difference visit Change starts with one person! Every child deserves a chance and every Mother deserves the ability to give them that chance.

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