Fab, Fit & Fun for Fall means a new box!

I LOVE getting my seasonal boxes from Fab, Fit and Fun. If you don’t know what this program is let me explain a bit. It is full size, premium products delivered 4 times a year in a cute little box. These boxes are always over $200 in products and feature beauty, wellness, fitness and fashion finds or trends. The best part is the box is only $49.99 per season! I get amazing items that I would never spend the money on in the store. It makes this stay at home Mom feel a little glam!

So what was in the Fall box? Amazeballs items that’s what! I loved this box, probably one of the best I have gotten in the 18 months I have subscribed.


Jessie Steele Apron: OMG, how adorbs is this apron? Seriously I want to channel my inner mad men wife and serve whiskey when my hubby gets home. These aprons will really set you apart from the rest! Retails for $32

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster: Ok ya’ll I am 36, I have fine lines and dry skin. HELLO Miracle in a bottle where have you been for my 30’s? Oh yes over there with the $56 a bottle skincare.  I love you, don’t ever run out!


Gramr Gratitude Co, Thank you Card Set, Sealing Wax and Wax Press: ok I admit it, I am terrible at hand written notes, but these cards are really cute. We struggled a little with the wax seal and press but I was born in 1978 not 1920, so cut me a little slack on that one. However its a great product and more people need to send a hand written note, not a twitter shout out. Retail: $43

Great Soles Pink Ribbon Ballet Barre Ped: These are super comfy ballet socks great for Yoga and Pilates class. Or if you have hardwood floors like I do they are great for not wiping out down the steps! Retail $12


Beauty For Real True Lip Color Cream: Well what can I say, it’s a long wear lip color and the packaging has a mirror and led light on it. Need I say more? Probably Not. This is a Fall beauty must have! Retail $22


Chi 44 Iron Guard: I don’t have long hair, however my oldest daughter does and this product is amazing. The thermal protection spray helps keep your hair from drying out from heat damage. Retail $14.50


The Honest Co Hydrating Shea Butter Cleaning Bar: Jessica Alba has perfect skin, so yeah I will use her products right. This soap is pretty amazing though. I have the lavender so I like it at night before bed. It’s 84% organic and non toxic. Retail $4.95


LaNatura Travel Size Body Butter: Lock the moisture in with these Vegan Body Butters, which contain ingredients to heal, soothe and preserve skin’s youthfulness! I loved this, brought my dry skin back to life! Toss a travel-sized butter in your purse for uh-mazing moisture on the go! Retail value: $18


FitFusion 3 Month Digital Subscription: FitFusion is a digital platform that offers you tons of premium fitness video content from famous trainers! We got a three month subscription to keep winter workouts in high gear even as the weather cools down — yoga, Pilates, HIIT, bootcamp, dance videos, and more. And you can stream them from your iPhone, iPad, laptop, TV, Chromecast or Apple TV.  Retail value: $29.97

Extras and sponsored items this month were Mary’s Gone Crackers and Numi Organic Tea: I wont lie, the crackers were not so great. Vegan, Non-GMO, who grain, kosher crackers. Yeah not so much for me. The Tea was lovely however.


The retail value of this months $49.99 box was a whopping $232.42!! I know crazy right, I just stole those products for sure!!

It’s not too late to get your own box for just $49.99, click here and order today! You will thank me later.


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