Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament-Great Family Fun!

I live in the Baltimore/DC area, and that means there is always something to do. As a Marylander I think a lot of things are for the “tourist” and have never really thought about visiting with my family. I also find later that some of the most fun things are often found in my own backyard! I was offered (4) complimentary tickets to the Baltimore Castle to give an honest review of Medieval Times. I am certainly glad we took advantage of this generous offer, we had a blast!

026The Baltimore Castle is located in Hanover, a short drive from both DC and Baltimore. It is located in Arundle Mills Mall at 7000 Arundle Mills Circle. Note, there is no exterior entrance to the Castle, you must go in the mall. However there is ample FREE parking surrounding the castle. Having never been we weren’t sure what to expect. We arrived at the Castle 75 minutes before show time as noted on our tickets. Once you purchase tickets at the box office or turn in on-line vouchers you are given a place card of sorts to give you seating assignments for the dinner show. We entered the Castle and were given Crowns that reflected our seating and ultimately the Knight we would be cheering for in the tournament. We were team Black & White Knight!

028In the Hall of Arms area before you enter the show there is a bar, some seating and a large gift shop. You can also expect some of the show stars to come out, we found the Falconer to be really cool. If it is your Birthday or a Celebration you can also be Knighted by the King himself. Personally I would say this may be a part of the experience that is lacking a bit. We waited for over an hour and after the first 15 minutes didn’t really find much to entertain the kids. I have visited other dinner shows that have more pre-show entertainment in the “staging” area so to speak before the main show.

029When it is time for the show they call you by color area and number on your place card to seat you in a organized way instead of a free for all into the tournament area.  It works really well and allows everyone to be seated rather quickly. Once seated you are greeted by your server, ours was Wench Amna. She was a delight, she explained how everything works and started her serving process. Everything you need to know about the meal is on your napkins! Medieval Times does offer vegetarian options and your server will ask before the meal if there is a need for that. By the way there is no silverware, they didn’t use this in the 11th Century so why use it now. You can however ask for it if you would like. The meal however is very easy to eat with your hands, and it adds to the fun of it all. So skip the silverware and enjoy the environment.



Once the meal service is underway the show begins. You will be swept away to an age of bravery and honor and witness epic battles of steel and steed, with all the splendor and romance of 11th Century Spain. Your, first course is garlic bread and tomato bisque soup. Not too long after you are served soup comes the main course of Roasted Chicken, BBQ Spare Rib and Roasted Potato. The food was very good, just felt there was a lack of vegetable on the plate. Meat and Potato fans will love this meal. I’m not saying we didn’t enjoy it because we did, it was just missing something. You can also enjoy unlimited pepsi, water or tea and bar service is available in the arena.

100The Dinner show is non-stop entertainment throughout the entire meal. It is a really great tournament with horses, jousting, chivalry and of course a bad guy trying to win over the Princess so the Knights must fight for her honor and the Kingdom. There is also a part of the show featuring beautiful Andalusian horses and the splendor that they can exhibit. Six Knights will battle to be champion and one by one they are eliminated from the tournament during your meal. Fortunately for us the Black & White Knight was winning! He even chose Miss M to be Queen of the Tournament, she was very excited. The audience engagement is great through the show, it makes you really feel as if you are part of the tournament.


Just beyond the great doors of the Hall of Arms waits the celebration arena, the heart of each of Medieval Times’ nine castles. From high above King Philippe and his daughter-in-law, Princess Leonore preside over a delicious four-course feast. Below, privileged royal guests are transported to faraway lands including a romantic snowy rendezvous in the woods and an authentic medieval tournament for the Battle of Champions with the help of Hollywood-caliber special effects, of course. I don’t want to spoil the tournament for you. You must go experience it for yourself!


There are nine castles located throughout the United States and Canada, locations include Kissimmee, Fla, Buena Park, Calif., Schaumburg, Ill., Hanover, Md., Lyndhurst, N.J., Myrtle Beach, S.C., Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Ga., and Toronto, Canada.  Pricing and specials vary for each castle, please visit the website for more information on each specific castle. If you are a member of the Military or DOD you can purchase specially priced tickets at your local MWR office, and when you check-in at the castle for your seating get a FREE upgrade. Medieval Times also offers a variety of group packages for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Educational Matinees, Scout Troops and more.

militaryMedieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a great 2 hour show filled with good food and fantastic entertainment. If you haven’t been to a show be sure to add this to your calendar. With the cooler weather approaching it is a great indoor activity.

I am giving away a Commemorative program, behind the scenes DVD, banner, crown and souvenir cup. Please leave a  comment about why you love Medieval Times and if you have never been share which Castle you would like to visit.




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