Princess Half 2015, farewell my friend

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I had to defer my 2015 PHM registration. The only upside to that is I wont need to stalk the registration page next summer because I have my spot. However, I will still need to register for 5K again, not a big deal.

Nope not 2015 for me

Nope not 2015 for me, but I will be back in 2016!

There are a few reasons for this, a big reason is my husband now works for DOD as a contractor and his travel schedule is crazy, and guess who travels Feb 17-23 2015..yup the hubby. So I need to be here for my kids, I could certainly find someone to help me with them however I just don’t feel right doing that. Princess as many of you reading know is a girls getaway weekend and I needed to be there Thurs-Mon, I just cant feasibly make it happen. I would feel bad with my husband traveling and myself traveling at the same time but on different trips. There are a few other reasons that also attributed to my decision but that was ultimately the largest. The kids come first.

I had my hotel booked, my roomie all set up, ADR’s made for carb loading and celebrations and yesterday I had to cancel all of it. It’s bittersweet, because I was ready for my first Princess Half Race, but I will be back and better than ever in 2016! I keep telling myself, Frozen annoys me so I’m glad that I can just “Let it Go” and wait for better 2016 medals.
Have you ever had to defer from a race for reasons OTHER than injury?
Even he gets it!

Even he gets it!

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