Come with me Into the Woods, but Be Careful What You Wish For

I was lucky enough to be able to attend an advanced screening of Into the Woods this week, and oh my gosh did I love it! If you have seen the live performance do yourself a favor and just open your mind to what the film offers. As a theater lover, I did fear that it would become shall I say “Disney-sided” and with more fluff. Wrong again, it was really true to the original as it should have been. There was very little cut from the stage version to make it to film. Rob Marshall and the entire cast and crew hit this one WAY out of the park.


Into the Woods is a culmination of many beloved fairy tales intertwined with one another to explore the consequences in Wishing for A Happy Ever After. The story is the classic tales of Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), Jack and the Beanstalk (Daniel Huttlestone) and Rapunzel (MacKenzie Mauzy) all thrown together because a Baker and his Wife (James Corden and Emily Blunt) wished for a child. Little did they know that the Witch (Meryl Streep) has put a curse on them. What happens after that is all part of going Into the Woods.


Into the Woods was perfectly cast. The part of The Wolf played by none other than Johnny Depp is short lived but perfection in my opinion! He really embraces the roles he takes on, and even made me squirm a bit during his performance of Hello, Little Girl. Meryl Streep owned the part of the Witch, she encompassed all that the Witch is. Her rendition of Stay with Me almost brought me to tears.This performance is powerful and outstanding!


The film really touched the senses, I laughed and cried. There were moments I wanted to sing along out loud as well! For those reading that know the soundtrack, it’s hard not to do! I am certain when it comes out on DVD there will be a full blown production in my living room, as we love musicals in this household.  I would say due to the fact that the Happy Ever After’s aren’t always so happy, children under the age of 10 may be a bit confused by the story and question the Fairy Tales they love so much. Also, if you are not a lover of musicals this is not the film for you, it is a full blown musical production.

Take a peek and the trailer below and be sure to go to see Into the Woods, releasing on December 25! Come back and let me know what you thought, I cant wait to discuss it further!

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