Going Into the Woods With My Teenager!

My daughter wanted to give her honest opinion of the film. She is 15 and has no idea what the stage version is about, so she went into this film very open-minded. Here is what she has to say…

Written by Kayla

Into The Woods isn’t exactly what it seems. In the trailers this seems like its going to be like the new Maleficent movie but this is not at all the correct way to portray this story. Honestly I wouldn’t even call this movie a movie I would call it more of a musical. (To me it was like a big song with little acting parts in it)

Now about the wolf played by Johnny Depp, he was a great choice for this role. I love how whatever he plays he becomes the character and really brings out the greatness. There was only one weird thing about the wolf, he was portrayed as a creeper. I think his song was really good though and I would think without that song (Hello, Little Girl) there wouldn’t have been as much of a creeper vibe from him.

I don’t think I would let children under 10 see this movie. This movie really takes the classic fairy tales and twists them. Its like the darker side of all the characters. It would make little kids very confused about all the characters and the different stories colliding. This story really desensitized the princess and fairy tale element of the tales in the movie.

Meryl Streep was the BEST  that could have been chosen to play The Witch in this movie. She really brought out the wickedness of the character. She is a very talented actress in my opinion. I think one of the reasons that she was so good in this part was because she never wanted to play any other witch characters. She said that when she started getting older that she had offers to play witches and she only ever wanted to play the witch in Into The Woods.

The kids that played Little Red Riding Hood and Jack were very talented as well. They are definitely  going to have long careers as Broadway and Movie stars. I feel this is just a small step on a long career path for them.

Anna Kendrick is a very talented singer we see this first in the movie Pitch Perfect, but this role is much different. She plays a love struck nieve Cinderella. In this we can really see that she is stretching away from that comedic role and into a very grown actress.

I personally loved this movie. I love seeing all these characters really go into a new direction. The songs in this movie were great. This is probably my favorite movie soundtrack, I already bought it on I-tunes!  Thanks for reading my review.


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