About Me & Contact Information

Mid 30’s Muggle Princess here! Don’t make me decide between Disney World and Universal because I can’t pick.

I am a Mom, a struggling runner and business owner. Just trying to make it all happen one day at a time! Building my brand and loving it! My journey is crazy and fun, so come along and enjoy the ride. Always looking for the next great adventure!

Looking for help getting the word out about your brand or product? Opening a new resort, or just want more exposure? No problem. Contact me and I will see if I can help. I love travel, running, fitness, cooking and anything to make motherhood and raising kids easier as a full time work at home Mom.


Quick Stats

Facebook 975 likes
Twitter 2235 followers
Pinterest 125 followers

Instagram 238 followers

Google + 370 circles


If you need to contact me just give me a call at 443-424-0181 or shoot me an email jenngreene@destinationstoexplore.com. I would love to hear from you!

Goofy was proud of me and my 1st 5k!

Goofy was proud of me and my 1st 5k!


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