A Very New Runner, asking what’s all the stuff about?

I am a newbie runner, like so new that I have only done three 5k’s, my first 10k will be in late September and my first Half Marathon is in February. Thank you Disbroads and Run Disney for this new hobby of mine. I will say that it clears my head and makes me feel good so that’s a plus right? Oh yeah and it’s good for me too. I work with a lot of runners and am friends with a lot of runner, some newer and some seasoned. What I seem to be seeing is that while you think running is strapping on sneakers and grabbing your walkman to hit the pavement it’s so much more.


Let’s talk about running “gear” for a minute. Who knew there were so many stinking pairs of socks! How do I know which ones to wear? Do I need compression socks or just ones that wont make my feet sweat and blister? The sheer thought of the sock aisle in the running store scares me. Oh wait and I need shoes for those socks right? Yeah that’s a price tag that scares my husband! We went to the local running store and he said you better get a 2nd job for this hobby. I mean who knew there was so much involved.


Here we go I am heading out with my walkman for my run but wait I have to time it, great awesome is there an APP for that? Of course there is but I am running a half marathon I need something more awesome and runner like. Seems everyone in the runner world uses Garmin, ok great. Nope hold that thought there are 10 million types to choose from! I think one makes martinis at the finish line to be honest.

I better stay hydrated out there, Maryland is brutal in the summer and well so is Florida in February. I will just grab this water bottle and hit the road right? NOPE, wrong again it seems I need a fanny pack for my water. I mean all the cool kids have them right? And check it out my water bottle fanny pack has a trusty pocket for my Co-Co Go, NUNN, Energy Bits, GU, Protein Bars and whatever else I think will make me the fastest and most awesome runner alive.


Let’s not forget the injury prevention part of the run. I know for a fact I need body glide, if it came in aerosol form I would literally just spray my whole body down. YES! I have committed to a product. You hear that Body Glide I love you and so do my thighs. Now what else do I need? Oh yes to tape myself up like Misty May in the Olympic Volleyball game! What is this stuff for? Do I need it? Will I die on the pavement if I don’t look like a crosswalk? Somebody help me with this one!

Maybe I should do something about my luxurious locks on this run of mine right? Now one would think you just grab a hat right? Nope wrong again, there are 40,000 headbands! NO Slip, NO Sweat, No Die on the pavement headbands! What if I want a visor? Oh here we go again, the list of a million products.

My head is spinning because there are just too many things out there. I know this much. I will run in Sparkle Tech and cover myself in Body Glide. So unless someone out there starts pointing me in the direction of the things I need to be the most awesome runner in the world then well you get to see me in a skirt and bodyglide. We all know you don’t want to see this right? Yeah I thought so.

Oh wait I didn’t even talk about sports bras! Maybe next time.


All kidding aside I need you guys, my fellow runners to help me out here, what works for you? I cant wait to hear reviews and pro and cons.

Oh and if any Brand Ambassadors or Running Product Companies are reading this feel free to send me something to test out and review, cause I am not committed to anything! That was a shameless plug I am aware, but I am so LOST!